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 What PADI is to Dive, CIDESCO is to Spa. 

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World Class Beauty & Spa Brand Recognition

South Pacific Association of Beauty & Spa / CIDESCO Fiji

The World Standard for Beauty & Spa Therapy

CIDESCO is proud to be represented by the leading schools and colleges of the world in over 40 countries across 5 continents which offer the internationally acclaimed CIDESCO standards and qualifications. To the leading schools and colleges of the world we offer a portfolio of prestigious training programs, standards and qualifications in Beauty and Spa Therapy, Aromatherapy, Epilation, Beauty & Spa Management and Media Make-up to produce graduates of the highest level. To students we offer the best possible start to a career in the Beauty & Spa Therapy Industry enabling you to have a long and meaningful future doing what you love.

SPABS-CIDESCO SECTION FIJI with the integration of CIDESCO brand, provides a quality assurance platform for Spa Tourism Industry & Trade. A unique collaboration that links CIDESCO standards with regional training providers, hotels, resorts & spa operators. SPABS-CIDESCO Section Fiji, are the leading quality advisor for the Beauty & Spa Industry in Fiji, assuring delivery of services at international world spa standards. A gateway to employment through an integrated HR platform, creating ease for recruitment in this high demand industry.

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